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Projects / Portfolio

Ingleside Sewer Trunk

North Charleston, SC

Provide layout and verification services for the construction of an approximate 2.5 miles of sanitary sewer trunk line. This project consists of staking clearing limits, establishing 52 vertical control points, 1 railroad jack and bore, 1 road jack and bore and the stake out of 52 manholes.

Red Top Regional Pump Station and Waste Water Interceptor-Division 1

Charleston, SC

Provide independent verification of alignment for the road jack and bore sites for sanitary sewer trunk line. Project consisted of locating layout marks staked out by others and providing alignment verification as well as discrepancy reporting.

South Carolina State Port Authority, Veterans Terminal Bulkhead Reconstruction

Charleston, SC

Provided construction layout services for the reconstruction of the Veterans Terminal collapsed bulkhead. Project consisted of establishing site control, sheet pile and deadman layout.